Explorations in Typography /
Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting

Carolina de Bartolo
with Erik Spiekermann

Student award 2012 /

In recognition of the ever-increasing degree to which excellence in typography forms the foundation for excellence in communication design, we are pleased to announce the newly-minted Explorations in Typography student award.

This award will be granted to a student who demonstrates great potential in text typesetting by way of the quality of work he or she creates as Explorations exercises. We intend to reward student work that is purely typographic and is as aesthetic as it is functional.

A single first-prize winner will receive a cash prize of $300 (US), a gift certificate for $500 (US) worth of FontFonts from FontShop.com, a beautiful metallic “X” trophy and the honor of having one or more of their Explorations included in the upcoming interactive Explorations in Typography eBook. Honorable mentions will receive recognition and the opportunity to have one or more of their Explorations included in the eBook.

It’s free and easy to apply, so set your best type and show us! Deadline: 15 May 2012.

Entry guidelines /
  1. Applicants must be currently enrolled students or have graduated within the past 3 months. Each applicant must submit the name and email address of a faculty member who can vouch for his or her student status.
  2. Upload a single PDF of at least 24 pages and no more than 48 pages of your best Explorations exercises. Please name your file with the following naming convention: lastname_firstname.Exps.pdf. Improperly named files may be disqualified.
  3. Typeset the “Type Builds Character” article by Erik Spiekermann that is used in the book. You need not type it, simply copy it from the DIY page of this website or the app.
  4. Use a letter-size page (8.5 x 11 inches) in portrait format for each Exploration.
  5. Each page must show at least 4 paragraphs of text, with or without the title and byline. Each page must also include a complete colophon. Remember to design and typeset your colophon.
  6. A diversity in typesetting (simple to complex settings) amongst your pages will be judged favorably.
  7. Submissions must make use of at least 4 FontFonts and are encouraged to use as many typefaces from the FontFonts as possible. A healthy diversity in your use of typefaces will be judged favorably.
  8. The winning Explorations will exemplify the typesetting and layout principles extolled in Explorations in Typography.
  9. Winners and honorable mentions will be notified on or before 31 May 2012.
  10. Any questions about this award should be directed to us at . Please include the word "award" in the subject line.
  11. If you or your organization would like to make an in-kind donation to this award, please contact us at . Please include the word "award" in the subject line. With your support, we can reward excellence and exploration in text typesetting for years to come.
Entries for the Student Award 2012 are now closed. Entries for the 2013 Student Award will be accepted starting in April 2013.